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Lingüa offers support and consultations to families who want to raise multilingual children, either through learning a new language for the first time, or by not losing their native language.

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#family outings & #rich vocabulary

As the summer winds down, we are campaigning for all of our readers to share their #familyoutings and #richvocabulary stories with us. What do I mean by this? I’m so glad you asked. As linguists, we talk all the time about INPUT. (See this post for more about that.) By INPUT, I mean the level… [Continue Reading]


Local Resources

We are so excited about the opportunity to feature a new section and offer you bilingual resources specific to your area. As we move to a fully online company, the face of this site will change, and one of the most important categories that we are happy to offer you are LOCAL RESOURCES! Anything and… [Continue Reading]